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  Probe List

To get the latest list of available PROBEROD and Probecable unit resistance values, right click on the link below and choose "save link as" or "save target as" to save this file to your computer, then place it in the directory where the HandiTrap software was installed (Usually C:\Program Files\HandiTrap).

After it has been placed there, unzip it into that directory. If Windows asks to confirm this, click on "yes".

DAT File HandiTrap™ Probe Data

  Setting the COM port for the Serial Port or USB-Serial Adapter

If you are using a built-in serial port or a USB-Serial adapter, you will need to set the COM Port number to use for downloading .

Com Port Screen 1

Port information for the computer can be viewed by clicking on the Control Panel in Windows, and depending on the version of Windows you are using, then System Properties or System then Device Manager and clicking on Ports to view the number for the serial port(s).

Com Port Screen 1

Choose that COM port number in the HandiTrap software.

  Drivers for USB Cable for the Legacy Software

For Customers who wish to use legacy software, these latest drivers are to be used with the HandiTrap II™ Advanced Analytical Software, MicroTrap™ Advanced Analytical Software and the DataTrap II™ Advanced Analytical Software.
To uninstall legacy device drivers using an administrative type of account, connect the recorder cable (HandiTrap II™ and MicroTrap™) to PC ONLY, then uninstall related legacy drivers using device manager. DataTrap II™ needs to be connected to PC if its legacy drivers needs to be uninstalled in a similar manner.

For HandiTrap II™ VOD Recorder USB Drivers, click here.
For MicroTrap™ VOD/Data Recorder USB Drivers, click here.
For DataTrap II™ Data/VOD Recorder USB Drivers, click here.

  Have a Support Question?

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