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What is VOD and Why is it Important?

Velocity of Detonation (VOD) is the speed at which the shock wave front travels through a detonating explosive. VOD is cited by explosives manufacturers for any given explosive under any given condition. The VOD of an explosive is dependent on the explosive’s characteristics such as formulation, density, particle size, diameter, and degree of confinement. It is also dependent on factors affecting those characteristics such as ingress of water or other impurities, static pressure, and dynamic pressure.

VOD influences how the energy is released from the explosive as a combination of shock energy and heave energy. This affects the fragmentation and throw of the blasted rock and the cost to the mine of mineral extraction.

MREL provides the means to easily record the actual VOD attained by the explosive anywhere along the length of the explosive column.

Feature Chart

HandiTrap II™ VOD Recorder MicroTrap™ VOD/Data Recorder DataTrap II™ Data/VOD Recorder
Resolution 12 bits, 1 part in 4,096 14 bits, 1 part in 16,384 14 bits, 1 part in 16,384
VOD Channels 1 1 8 per recorder, up to 56 total*
Scope Channels 0 4* 8 per recorder, up to 56 total*
Recording Rate 1 MHz 1 Hz - 2 MHz 1 Hz - 10 MHz
Explosive Samples 1 per test 1 per test 8 per test
Maximum Blastholes 1 per blast 4+ per blast 32+ per blast
Battery Life 16 Hours 12 Hours 6 Hours
* - Denotes Upgrade