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The DAS™ Data Acquisition Suite allows the user to program (where applicable), download data and analyse all of the information at a click of a mouse. This is a user friendly software suite that will allow the user to process and analyse the data quickly and efficiently. The DAS™ Data Acquisition Suite will allow the export of graphs for presentation of results into other programs like Word or PowerPoint. The software will allow quick and easy application of calibration formulas to sensors to convert the voltage graph into the desired engineering unit graph. VOD measurements are simply done by the user placing the data cursor at the desired location on the graph. The DAS™ Data Acquisition Suite will allow the user quick return to recently reviewed graphs.

MREL provides the internet downloadable Standard Edition of DAS™ Data Acquisition Suite at no charge to all Customers using MREL’s HandiTrap II™ VOD Recorder, MicroTrap™ VOD/Data Recorder and DataTrap II™ Data/VOD Recorder. MREL also includes this Edition with each new recorder sold.

Used to analyze all data from the following:

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Researchers for High Speed Phenomena

This software will allow the display of multiple graphs on the same screen for ease of information for the user. The DAS™ Data Acquisition Suite will allow the user to activate any of the graphs currently open to be displayed on the same axis. This will help the user to see the differences in the individual data channels and allow for quicker data analysis. For more information, click here.

To visually capture high-rate phenomena, MREL carries a range of highly capable and powerful High Speed Cameras.

To learn more about the cameras, click here.

To measure VOD captured at your event, MREL offers our VOD/Data Recorders.

To learn more about the VOD/Data Recorders, click here.

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Explosives Consumers
and Manufacturers

Your explosives and delay detonators must provide the energy and timing your blasts need under your specific blasting conditions. The DataTrap II™ Data/VOD Recorder is used to document the VOD performance of the explosives and delay times of the delay detonators during blasts to compare the actual VOD and delay time results to the published specifications. It also records near-field blast vibrations using high-G uniaxial and triaxial accelerometers.

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Advanced Edition:
Includes all the features and capabilities of the Standard Edition with additional data filtering, noise removal, and smoothing filters not available in the Standard Edition.