Max Resolution Icon
Down 510 x 492
Side 768 x 492
Maximum Depth
Speed in Frames Icon
300 m
1,000 ft.
Wet Conditions
Recording Time Icon
3.4 MPa
500 psi
Recording Time
Max Memory Icon
Battery Life
Battery Life Icon
3 Hours
Environmental Icon
+0 to 60 °C
+32 to +140 °F
Stratacam™ Schematics
Rechargeable external 12 VDC gel-cell battery, complete with digital voltage display. Alternate power cable for connection to 12 VDC vehicle battery. 100-240 VAC universal adapter and battery connection cables are provided.

Hole Diameter:
Standard: 63.5 mm to 406 mm (2.5 in. to 16 in.)
Optional: 50.8 mm to 250 mm (2 in. to 10 in.)

Two 6.4 mm (1/4 in.) Interline Charge-Coupled Devices (IL CCDs)

Down View Camera: 330 TVL (NTSC and PAL). 510 x 492 (NTSC), 500 x 582 (PAL)
Side View Camera: 460 TVL (NTSC and PAL). 768 x 492 (NTSC), 765 x 582 (PAL)

Light Sensitivity:
Down View Camera: < 0.5 LUX
Side View Camera: >1.0 LUX

Recording Times:
DVDR digital video recorder is capable of storing approximately one hour of video at High Quality (HQ) settings. Longer record times are available at reduced recording speeds below:
HQ: 1:01:07
HSP: 1:31:41
SP: 2:02:15
LP: 3:03:23
SLP: 6:06:46

System Components Provided:
StrataCam™ Cable Unit, StrataCam™ Control Box, Mounting Plate, Power and Control Cable, StrataCam™ Battery, Power Adaptor, Power Cable, Alternate Power Cable, StrataCam™ Camera, Centralizer, Camera Bag, StrataCam™ Monitor, Monitor Hood, Monitor Remote and Manual, StrataCam™ DVDR Digital Video Recorder and Manual, with Power and Video Cables.

The StrataCam™ Borehole Camera is fully operational from 0°C to +60°C (+32°F to +140°F)

MREL’s 1 year Comprehensive Parts and Labour Warranty.

Technical Support:
MREL’s Unlimited Technical Support Program by secure customer portal, email, and telephone.
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Upgrades Icon


StrataCam™ Miniture Camera Upgrade:
Designed for use in 50-250 mm (2-10 in.) diameter boreholes. Camera head comes equipped with a protective carry case, centering bands, and cable head protector. Due to size constraint, camera head utilizes down-view only (no side-view camera in camera head).

StrataCam™ Video Output Upgrade:
Upgrade modification to StrataCam™ Borehole Camera video output method. Includes video converter, netbook computer, and StrataCam™ control platform extension. This is a replacement for the standard DVD Recorder provided with the StrataCam™.