Max Resolution Icon
540 TVL or better
for NTSC and PAL
Maximum Depth
Speed in Frames Icon
300 m
1,000 ft.
Wet Conditions
Recording Time Icon
3.4 MPa
500 psi
Recording Time
Max Memory Icon
8 hours
Battery Life
Battery Life Icon
4 Hours
Environmental Icon
+0 to 50 °C
+32 to +122 °F
Stratacam™ Schematics
Rechargeable external 12 VDC gel-cell battery, complete with digital voltage display. Alternate power cable for connection to 12 VDC vehicle battery. 120-240 VAC adapter and battery connection cables are provided.

Hole Diameter:
76.2 mm to 406 mm (3 in. to 16 in.)

Two 6.4 mm (1/4 in.) Interline Charge-Coupled Devices (IL CCDs)

Side View Camera: greater than or equal to 540 TVL for NTSC and PAL

Light Sensitivity:
Down View Camera and Side View Camera: >1.0 LUX

Recording Times:
The higher the bit rate, the higher the quality, the more space is required on the storage device. The selection is from 1000kbps to 5000kbps. The default setting is 3500kbps. At the default setting of 3500kbps, a minimum of 8 hours can be recorded onto a 16GB storage device.

System Components Provided:
StrataCam II™ Control Unit, StrataCam II™ Winch, StrataCam II™ Control Cable, Auxiliary Power Cable, StrataCam II™ Power Cable, StrataCam II™ 12 Volt Battery, StrataCam II™ Camera, Centering Bands (with Collars), Camera Case and StrataCam II™ Battery Charger (120 or 240 Volt AC).

The StrataCam II™ Borehole Camera is fully operational from 0°C to +50°C (+32°F to +122°F)

MREL’s 1 year Comprehensive Parts and Labour Warranty.

Technical Support:
MREL’s Unlimited Technical Support Program by secure customer portal, email, and telephone.
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