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1 VOD + Scope
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1 part in 16,384
Recording Rate
Recording Rate Icon
1 Hz - 2 MHz
Explosive Samples Icon
1 per Test
Max Blastholes
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Battery Backup
Battery Life Icon
12 Hours
HandiTrap II™ Schematics
Number of Channels:
Standard: 1 VOD channel
Optional: 1 VOD + 4 Scope channels

14 bits, 1 part in 16,384

Recording Rates:
Selectable from 1 Hz to 2 MHz

Non-Volatile Memory:
Standard: 4 million data points
Optional: 8 million data points

Recording Time
(@ 2 MHz Recording Rate):
Standard: 2 seconds
Optional: 4 seconds

Trigger Mode:
Trigger internally on the signal from the event (2 to 98%) or trigger externally from a trigger wire.

Multiple Event Storage:
1 to 16 tests can be stored in the internal memory.

AC mains or internal rechargeable NiCad battery which provides 12 hours of active operation on a full charge. Charger provided.

Size and Weight:
21 x 17 x 9 cm (8.3 x 6.7 x 3.5 in.) 2 kg (4.4 lbs.)

Fully operational at -40 to +60 °C (-40 to +140 °F). Snow, rain, dust and sand proof.

PC Connection:
The operator can connect the MicroTrap™ VOD/Data Recorder to a computer’s USB port when the unit is in Standby Mode.

The MicroTrap™ VOD/Data Recorder comes with the DAS™ Data Acquistion Suite. To learn more about the DAS™ Data Acquistion Suite, please click here.

System Components Provided:
MicroTrap™ VOD/Data Recorder, 120 or 230 VAC Battery Charger, Communications Cable with USB Adapter, padded carry case, colour Operations Manual, DAS™ Data Acquistion Suite Software.

VOD Excitation and Safety:
The MicroTrap™ VOD/Data Recorder is physically unable to output as much as 50 mA of current to a VOD PROBEROD or VOD PROBECABLE-HT.

MREL’s 1 year Comprehensive Parts and Labour Warranty.

Technical Support:
MREL’s Unlimited Technical Support Program by secure customer portal, email, and telephone.
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Memory Upgrade:
Provides an additional 4 million data points of memory.

12 VDC Battery Adapter:
Allows the operator to operate the MicroTrap™ VOD/Data Recorder from external 12 VDC power sources.

Scope Upgrade:
Provides 4 channels of digital oscilloscope recording capabilities. This will allow the recording of any sensor that produces a DC voltage signal between -10 to 10 volts.

A variety of calibrated uniaxial and triaxial accelerometers, airblast and underwater pressure sensors, signal conditioners, signal cables and mount.

A variety of types of calibrated resistance probes for use in explosive samples.

A variety of types of calibrated resistance cables for use in blastholes by the Operator.

Coaxial Cable Reel:
A variety of lengths used to carry the signals from the VOD Probes to the recorder.