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FILE MANAGEMENT Standard Edition Advanced Edition
Treeview file structure Bullet Bullet
Handle multiple data files Bullet Bullet
Open recently opened files Bullet Bullet
Open recently downloaded files Bullet Bullet
Open downloaded files calendar Bullet Bullet
Auto save Bullet Bullet
IMPORT FILE Standard Edition Advanced Edition
2-Column CSV files Bullet Bullet
EXPORT GRAPH Standard Edition Advanced Edition
BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG image Bullet Bullet
CSV file Bullet Bullet
HARDWARE SETUP & DOWNLOAD Standard Edition Advanced Edition
Standard Setup, Advanced Setup, Clear All Tests, Recall Setup File Bullet Bullet
GRAPH OPERATIONS Standard Edition Advanced Edition
Save as new graph Bullet Bullet
Delete graph Bullet Bullet
Zoom-in, Zoom-out Bullet Bullet
Panning Bullet Bullet
Display Full range Bullet Bullet
Display Original range Bullet Bullet
Apply Offset Bullet Bullet
Calculate VOD Bullet Bullet
Calculate X and Y Deltas Bullet Bullet
Apply Filters to Graph Bullet
Apply Formula to scope channels Bullet Bullet
Create Data Cursors Bullet Bullet
Add Annotations (Textual, Line, Arrow, Image) Bullet Bullet
Show/Hide file Treeview Bullet Bullet
Print, Print View Bullet Bullet
GRAPH VIEW Standard Edition Advanced Edition
Linear or Logarithm Axes Bullet Bullet
Change Axes range Bullet Bullet
Change graph caption Bullet Bullet
Change Axes captions Bullet Bullet
Horizontal/Vertical gridlines Bullet Bullet
Plot Style, Colour, Thickness, Point colour Bullet Bullet
ALL CHANNELS GRAPH Standard Edition Advanced Edition
View file's active channels on a single graph Bullet Bullet
Active plot selector Bullet Bullet
Plot visibilty control Bullet Bullet
Save active plot as new graph Bullet Bullet
Apply filter to active plot Bullet
DATA FILTERING Standard Edition Advanced Edition
Standard filter families (low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, band-stop) Bullet
Bessel, Butterworth, Chebyshev, Elliptic Bullet
Windowed FIR filters (Hamming, Gaussian, Kaiser, Rectangular, Triangle) Bullet
Custom Formula filter (for scope channels) Bullet
NOISE REMOVAL & SMOOTHING FILTERS Standard Edition Advanced Edition
Median, Moving Average, Savitzky-Golay Bullet
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Advanced Edition:
Includes all the features and capabilities of the Standard Edition with additional data filtering, noise removal, and smoothing filters not available in the Standard Edition.