SpeedTrap II™ Schematics
System Components Provided:
SpeedTrap™ Velocity Recorder, SpeedTrap™ Universal Sensor Cable (30 m long, 2 ea.), SpeedTrap™ Connector Hub, SpeedTrap™ Battery Charger, padded SpeedTrap™ Carry Case, SpeedTrap™ Operations Manual (English).

Clock Speed:
One sample every 0.1 microseconds.

Onboard Memory:
Ability to save 100 test results.

Size and Weight:
21 x 17 x 9 cm (8.3 x 6.7 x 3.5 in.) 2 kg (4.4 lbs.).

PC/Printer Connection:
RS-232 Communication Port.

MREL’s 1 year Comprehensive Parts and Labour Warranty.

Technical Support:
MREL’s Unlimited Technical Support Program by secure customer portal, email, and telephone.


SpeedTrap™ Fibre Optic Firmware c/w 2 Transducers:
Allows the Operator to measure velocity using fibre optic sensors.

SpeedTrap™ Break Wire Firmware c/w 2 Connectors:
Allows the Operator to measure velocity using break wire sensors.

SpeedTrap™ Adjustable Distance Firmware:
Allows the Operator to input the distance between the sensors as opposed to the standard fixed distance.

SpeedTrap™ Compatible Portable Printer:
Allows the Operator to print results directly from the SpeedTrap™ Velocity Recorder without PC.

SpeedTrap™ Software for Windows:
Allows the Operator to download and save and display data on a PC running Windows.

The SpeedTrap™ fully complies to the requirements of the following standards:
EN 13630-11: Determination of velocity of detonation of detonating cords; EN 13630-12: Determination of burning duration of safety fuses; EN 13631-14: Determination of velocity of detonation; EN 13763-23: Determination of the shock-wave velocity of shock tube.
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SpeedTrap™ Fibre Optic Cable Sensor:
Compatible with SpeedTrap™ Velocity Recorders containing the SpeedTrap™ Fibre Optic Firmware. Provided on a 100 m (328 ft.) spool.

SpeedTrap™ Break Wire Sensor:
Compatible with SpeedTrap™ Velocity Recorders containing the SpeedTrap™ Break Wire Firmware. Provided on a 768 m (2520 ft.) spool.